Dirty Laundry & Miss Body Butter Product Review/Giveaway

If you’ve read my “Be Original” in your gift giving guide, You should be familiar with these names. If not let me introduce you to some fabulous new brands that will soon become your staples. First up, Dirty Laundry was established by the beautiful Jeanee. She was a former graphic designer at the legendary Hallmark Cards. Jeanee was inspired by the indie biz/craft to business push. She started off making apron’s but soon wanted to add another product to her line and began to make cupcake bath fizzies. The cupcake bath fizzie business soon became wildly popular and now they are sold in stores in the US.

What do I love about Dirty Laundry’s cupcake bath fizzies? I love that they are original! Jeanee has been in business selling these luscious bath treats for quite some time now and show’s no sign up stopping anytime soon. The various colors and fragrances are amazing, which guarantees to leave your gift recipient with OOO’s and AAA’s. The best thing about these beautiful fizzies is that they are only $5.oo, which makes them a great gift for neighbors, co-workers, teachers and the like.




Jeanee- Owner of your Dirty Laundry Blog  and Inventor of Dirty Laundry Cupcake Bath Fizzies.







Paulin Soleyman and is the founder of Miss Body Butter.

Me 001 About Me


I am happy to say that today, the Miss Body Butter line of skin care products is one of the few all-natural, hand crafted skin care products gentle enough to be used by all people, including pregnant women, children and those suffering from minor skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis.

My Review: I contacted Ms. Soleyman asked to sample her products. She graciously agreed and sent them to me.  The packaging was so simple and very tasteful. The brown box is definitely great for re-gifting and the simple velvet and gold ribbon “cute”. Plus, the package had a coupon attached to it.  I received 3 items. 1) The Body Butter in fragrance Body Bliss – ingredients – Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, Beeswax and Rose fragrance oil. The scent was light yet inviting. Not being a fan of “super” strong scent’s, I instantly feel in love. The consistency is a smooth solid and spreads on like butter to hot toast perfect! I found the product not to be greasy, but soak right into my skin leaving a little glow to my skin. I even noticed that hours later my skin was still moisturized, which I believe is a “huge” plus for my skin in the winter time which tends to stay dry.  (Click on photo’s to enlarge)





The Scrubs- The salt scrub which ingredient’s are Coarse Brazilian sea salt, organic Hawaiian pink passion sea salt, EV olive oil, castor oil 100% pure, organic wheat germ oil, coconut shell powder, vanilla sandalwood fragrance oil, Jasmine fragrance oil. This scrub definitely has “scrubbing’ power guaranteed to shed off any dead/scaly skin. I noticed even after I used this salt scrub the my skin felt clean and moisturized. (Click on photo’s to enlarge)







The sugar scrub which ingredient’s are Demerara sugar, EV olive oil, castor oil 100% pure, organic wheat germ oil, colloidal oatmeal powder, coconut shell powder and essential oils. This scrub was definitely my favorite out of the two scrubs. I found the sugar scrub to have a soft scrubbing powder, which my skin likes best. The fragrance I selected was Aphrodite’s Embrace, it smells so good. It’s soft, sensual and very inviting. This scrub I found to have a softer, less, coarse scrub than the salt scrub.  The oil’s in the scrubs are moisturizing, soothing, and  guaranteed to keep your winter skin woes at bay. (Click on photos to enlarge)







Miss Body Butter





Wouldn’t it be great to try out these great products? Well, Now you can by entering my giveaway. You can win (1) cupcake bath fizzie and 3 products – (1) Body Butter, (1) Salt Scrub & (1) Sugar Scrub – all fragrances are pre-selected by me.

You can enter to win by clicking on > Giveaway

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